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With Web 2.0, now I can celebrate my birthday 2.0 too :)

16 Sep

Big thanks to ICT and advanced Web 2.0!!! Also thanks to Skype for its free VoIP, which I can always keep in touch with my girlfriend in OZ.

This wonderful eve, we could meet, talk and celebrate my special birthday 2.0… Here a few pix of our memorable moment.

My first ever bday cake... Though can't physically eat it.

My first ever bday cake… Though can’t physically eat it.

Mimi with her newly-baked cake @Tong's birthday 2.0 - 2009

Mimi with her newly-baked cake @Tong’s birthday 2.0, ©© 2009

Thanks Buddha for such a lovely girlfriend!!! She put her effort to go shopping and buy all the cake ingredients. We started off the celeb with light conversation. Soon later, she started show off her skill in cooking, esp. in this occasion, baking a cute cake for me! I was watching her running her cooking show. It was all the way fun and we both enjoyed it. After the cake was in the oven, we resumed our talk, and we talked, talked and talked… 🙂

At last, the cake is baked and she put the final touch with some decor and writing! After taking some pix, we finally ate it!!!

Thanks, Buddha for such a talented girlfriend I have! I’m serious with her and a concrete plan is under the way soon after she’s back from her Master study from OZ.

Ok, more detailed story to be out sooner or later… Will keep you posted!!! Cheers, and have a good tight sleep. Good night 😉

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