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Belated birthday gifts from OZ

22 Sep

Happy to share and show off pix of my belated birthday gifts from my girl from OZ…

  • A T-shirt
  • A neck-tie
  • 2 ball pens
  • 2 greeting cards
  • a bookmark

Such a lovely girlfriend… I feel very privileged to have her!!!
Looking forward to her graduation at end of this year.

Thanks alot my dear Mimi for such nice gifts – ever I’ve received so far!
Lots of love,

Birthday lunch with colleagues

16 Sep

Today is kinda special… Receiving tons and tons of birthday greetings! Plus, this lunch is even special as not only for me but also another friend who shares same birthday. Thanks to everyone for their wishes and presence in today’s lunch… Here; some pix I took at the restaurant while I was waiting others to arrive.
1 more year to add in my age, so far 2 rounds of 12 animal sign years… Further way to go… So let’s live life to the full 🙂

This week, the Mozilla Service Week n my birthday

15 Sep

I’ve committed 5 hours of my time within this week in occassion of my 24th birthday and Mozilla Service Week.
This pix is taken with my E51 mobile. It’s the print tag I stick on my laptop. 🙂

Happy volunteering!


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