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Melbourne School of Business: App form submitted :D

20 Jun

Again, finally I did submit my app form to MSB.
I know it’s already abit late – just 10 days more to go til the deadline of ALA Scholarship.
Anyway, I have already done my best, so let’s wait and see how my luck can take me to 😀

Due to loads of busy works, other commitments, I ended up finalizing everything very late.
Tonight, managed to submit the online app form – but still I need to follow up on my 2 referees to send in their reco letter to MSB directly. I’m aiming to get everything done by next Monday, leaving me only 8 more days to go!

I will email to MSB for faster review of my app form, so I can have the quicker result.
So if I’m lucky enough, then I will move on to finish my next app form to ALA – currently 70% done.
Again, I’m running after deadline, against limited time.

All the best to me 😀

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