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Fulbright 2009 – My interview

3 Sep

Hi All,

As promised, I would like to share my own experience during this interview. In fact, this is my 2nd attempt (for paperwork – application form) and first time qualified for the interview. I felt good about it, but let alone my personal feel can’t have the final say of PASS or TRY AGAIN! Hehe:-)

I’ve got some advices to share as following:

  • Don’t be on time (and of course absolutely NOT late) – please try your best to arrive early. My interview time was initially at 4pm, but in fact it was earlier than as expected. I got a call from the Embassy and I run quickly for my interview.
  • Who are there in the interview panel – there were 4 people in the interview panel, which likely consisted of some U.S. Embassy staff and at least 1 former Fulbrighter.
  • The likely-to-be questions the first question likely to be asked is “Tell us who you are, with what background and qualification in order to be able to achieve your goal (proposed field of study). And after your return, how can you contribute to the development of your country.” And after this, there will be Q & A.
  • Interview duration – each applicant was entitled for 25 minutes including Q&A. I believe everyone is different – some can make it short and clear and be able to make his/her point, while other needs to explain more in a longer phrase to have his/her message came across. So it’s your own choice, just be yourself and refine yourself based on feedback/reaction you get during the interview.
  • Be confident – Just be yourself, be confident, positive and do your best…!!!

Hope this helps! And thanks for your visit. Good luck:-)

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