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Belated Post – Heading North – Trip Summary

19 Dec

Brief summary of my Heading North – Laos Trip.

On Day 1 (Nov 9), we left PP by taking bus to Stung Treng – needed to overnight there cos we arrived around 5pm.

Day 2, we crossed the border (Dong Kralor) – it took us another more than half day to arrive Paksé. On the road, we also met other travelers – having some conversations… nice experience indeed. During the way, the bus had some problem, took sometime to have it fixed. We also slept 1 night in Pakse, staying in a guesthouse near the Mekong river.

Day 3, we rent a moto, going around town and also happened to ride away around 40KM to a waterfall resort. Nice view both along the way and at the waterfall. We also stopped few times to take nice pix. Will share you soon as I need to convert them to smaller size. On that day, we managed to buy air ticket back for home as we didn’t have enough time to go back by bus – would take us at least another 2-3 days if we not fly. First we tried to get cheap ticket of Lao Airlines, but all are full. So at last, we got Vietnam Airlines – leaving Vientiane to Phnom Penh on Monday, Nov 17 at 10:20am. We moved our journey by night bus – Sleeping bus – in fact, they have the beds for us – converting normal sitting bus to be the sleeping one. This trip from Paksé to Vientiane is about 750km+ and took us around 12 hours. We left there at 8pm.

Day 4, we arrived Vientiane early in the morning around 7am. We took a shared tuk tuk from bus station to central city. I was in front, on the right hand side of the driver. It was freezing cold – I was frozen… We was staying in Vientiane for 2days and 1 night. We just walked whole time during our stay there – going around towns, visting pagoda and interesting sites including the Patuxay – the Laos version of France’s gate (I don’t remember what it’s called) in Paris. Will send you the pix my dear -)

Day 5, we took again the night bus to Luang Prabang – the distance is around 370KM+ but it took us another half day around 12hr cos the road is very zipzap like snake uphill and downhill… The trip was hard, cos it was a sitting bus, and we couldn’t sleep at all. We arrived there the next morning.

Day 6, in fact we got to know a nice traveling Malaysian friend – her name is Jesse. We had the same trip, stayed same place in Vientiane – so we went on our journey together. We also happened to share room for 3 in a guesthouse in Luang Prabang – so it was cheaper and our trip was more interesting… We went around town on foot. The town is quite small, we almost walked all the roads. On the eve of that day, we went up to the hill – there’s a temple there. We enjoyed the view and the temple and also we also stayed there to view sunset over the Luang Prabang town. Will send that pix to you -) At night, we had a buffet dinner on the street. It costed us 5,000 kip – equivalent to 2,500 Riels – that’s cheap right? Alot foreigners did eat that meal…suprisingly. We also enjoyed touring the night market… Alot of things to see and many things I wanted to buy. But you know, with my sis, I can’t – she controlled the money -(

Next morning, we 3 got up early in order to catch the monks’ walk so we could Dak Bat – offering the sticky rice and fruits to the monks. We did enjoy doing this good deed -) Next time, let’s do it together with oun. Later we had our breakfast – we ate in a local street café – alot people around the table including local Lao, barang, Thai and us – nice experience again over the café table with conversation and smiles… After that we were touring the town again to other places… In eve, my sis and I walked to the bus station to our ticket back to Vientiane.

Next morning,  we took tuk tuk to bus station. This timte we took morning bus, cos to make sure we can catch the flight the next day. It supposed to take only 8-9 hours, but in fact it took us around 11 hours which made us arrived Vientiane late around 6:30pm. We ended up hunting for place to stay that night – from one place to another, they all were full. At last, we needed to go to hotel and pay higher price.

That night, I called a friend who works for my company in Laos office. She’s Filipino – handling also ANZ (ANZ Vientiane Bank) – she treated us a dinner and we also talked alot over the meal. Then we said goodbye and thank for her treat. We went to sleep.

Next morning, we head to the airport – Wattay Intl Airport. Checked in and then went on boarding. The plane took off at 10:20am and arrived PP around 11:30am. Then we took tuk tuk back home.

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