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Fulbright 2010 Shortlisted Result is OUT NOW!!!

26 Aug

Finally, the long-awaiting Fulbright 2010 announcement of Shortlisted Candidates is OUT today!!!

This year, they don’t reveal how many candidates passed app form/document screening stage and are qualified as shortlisted candidates.

Based on my guess, I believe there are around 25-30 people in this year’s shortlisted pool. Cos from the below email I got this afternoon, I am in the Sat, Sep 12 interview pool with other 4 people.

from Chau, Sa
to [undisclosed]
date Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 2:37 PM
subject Fulbright Interview Schedule, September 12, 2009

Dear All,

I wish to inform that you have been selected to interview for final selection. Please come to the U.S. Embassy for the interview on Saturday, September 12, at 8:00 AM. If you need additional information please call me at 012-812-453.

I look forward to meeting you on September 12.


Chau Sa

Chau Sa
Cultural Affairs Assistant
Public Affairs Section
U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh
# 1, Street 96
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel. 855-23-728-248
Fax: 855-23-728-800

So I guess the interview period is during week of Sep 7 with 5 candidates per pool/day => 6 days x 5 candidates = 30 shortlisted OR maybe Fri, Sep 11 there will be interview cos of the nature and history of this tragic event at World Trade Center.

Anyway, wish myself all the best and hope this year, I can make it and realize my dream!!! Hope this  Sep 12 interview will be perfect birthday gift for me 😀 😀

Always susu sasa! Good luck to me and everyone! Hope this time, it’s really my time!

JDS 2010 is now OPEN, but NOT for everyone!

25 Aug

Finally it’s OPEN, but NOT for everyone, ONLY for government officials 😦

<Remarks for JDS Cambodia 2010>
From Japanese Fiscal Year 2009, it was decided that the open recruitment of candidates is NOT implemented. Instead, only the applications from those who are officially nominated by responsible organizations (so called, “Nominate Organization”) are accepted to the program.
Therefore, applications from those who are NOT officially nominated by the designated Nominate Organizations will NOT be accepted.
This system applies for all applicants, Public Servant and Private Sector, so the application is accepted as long as the applicants are officially nominated.

Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS) was first implemented in the Kingdom of Cambodia for Japanese fiscal year (JFY) 2001 by the assistance of the Government of Japan.
The objective of JDS Program in Cambodia is to provide nationals of Cambodia with opportunities for academic research at Japanese higher educational institutions (hereinafter refereed to as “universities”) in order to support the Royal Government of Cambodia in its efforts to facilitate its own plans for human resources development, mainly for capacity building and institutional building. And thereby it extends and enhances the bilateral relationship between Cambodia and Japan.
The JDS Program targets young Public Servants and others who are expected to engage in formulating and implementing social and economic development plans with the potential to play leadership roles in their specialties after their return to Cambodia as well as to become leaders in Cambodia in the 21st century. Under this program, Master courses in English at Japanese universities will be provided mainly for the Public Servant.
For the JDS project in Cambodia, the “Components (≒Development issue to study)” are set as follows. In addition, mainly Ministries are set under the each component as “Nominate Organization and all applicants must be nominated by one of the Nominate Organizations in order to apply for JDS.(See “Application Guideline” in detail).
Component (Development Issue to study)
1-1-1 Legal and Judicial Development
1-1-2 Improving Local and Central Administrative Functions*
1-1-3 Developing Closer International Relationship between Asian Countries
1-2 Improving of Social and Economic Infrastructure
1-3 Promotion of Economy and Industry Development
1-4 Agriculture and Rural Development
2-1 Improvement of the Quality of Basic Health Care Service
2-2 Support for the Education Sector*
*Improving Local and Central Administrative Functions and Support for the Education Sector are only for Public Servant. Applicants in private sector are not allowed to apply for those components.Click here for detail research area (Microsoft Word / 39KB)
For more info, please visit official JDS page.

Melbourne School of Business: App form submitted :D

20 Jun

Again, finally I did submit my app form to MSB.
I know it’s already abit late – just 10 days more to go til the deadline of ALA Scholarship.
Anyway, I have already done my best, so let’s wait and see how my luck can take me to 😀

Due to loads of busy works, other commitments, I ended up finalizing everything very late.
Tonight, managed to submit the online app form – but still I need to follow up on my 2 referees to send in their reco letter to MSB directly. I’m aiming to get everything done by next Monday, leaving me only 8 more days to go!

I will email to MSB for faster review of my app form, so I can have the quicker result.
So if I’m lucky enough, then I will move on to finish my next app form to ALA – currently 70% done.
Again, I’m running after deadline, against limited time.

All the best to me 😀

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