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Common Call to Climate Action! Join by simply texting…

10 Oct

I’m so happy to take part in this ‘green’ global movement, namely’s International Day on Climate Action – 24 Oct 2009.

I am aware of this global movement from FrontlineSMS Community blog – there’s a Call for Participation post by Bobby. It sounds interesting, so I contact Bobby for setting up a country server for Cambodia. It’s now up and running, though not 24/7 operational as I can run it on my laptop with a GSM modem. The mobile number is 081-666120.


You guys can show your support by simply texting JOIN350 <YourName> <Email> and send to 081-666120. Thought name & email is optional, but to avoid technical error, DO use your nickname or fake one if you like. Upon you send the SMS, you will get a reply to confirm you successfully be part of this global movement and will receive updates/info about ‘green’ activities both locally and globally.

Simply text JOIN350 <YourName> <Email> and send to 081-666120.

There are also few more SMS functions as following:

  • If you wish to leave and no longer want to receive updates, simply text LEAVE350 <YourSay/Comment> and send to our Cambodian number 081-666120.
  • To share your updates/info about your local activity to other participants of 350.0rg in Cambodia, simply text BLAST350 <YourMessage> and send to the hotline number.
  • You even can share with or want your voice to be heard among other participants around the globe on Twitter @350text, simply text TWEET350 <YourMessage> and send to our hotline.

This Project MOBiLIZE is joint cooperation between, Tactical Tech and FrontlineSMS. For more info, you can visit below links:

Thank you. And hope to receive your JOIN350 messages!!! Join us… And ACT NOW!

Last weekends that were all about BarCamp and Geeks, plus more…

5 Oct

Happy to share you all my presentation on FrontlineSMS on the 2nd day of BarCamp PP2 at PUC Campus.

There were around 10 people joining the session. Good enough for me as of now 🙂 We also had a Demo – many thanks to Justin and Steve for showing their own projects using FrontlineSMS.

Hope you enjoy it!

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