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I am moving…

17 Oct

Hi!!! And sorry for a very late post.
Please be informed that, I am moving again!

I have started posting on my new blog on tumblr for a while now.
So I will not longer do postings on this wordpress blog.

Please stay tuned with my new blog ‘Calling Seoul Home‘!
This new blog features my journey as an international student in pursuing my academic dream.
It’s my Korean/Seoulite dairy, thoughts, photos and everything during my 3 years here.

Thank you! Hope to see you again!!!
Kind regards,

Officially 1 week in Seoul – Soul of Asia!

4 Sep

Guys, I wish I could have written this blog earlier and more often. Give me some more time to settle down smoothly first, ok? 🙂

Anyways, it’s been 1 week after my first step in the land of Kimchi – South Korea. I’m staying off-campus at Leader Valley dorm, some 15min walk to my classroom at Institute of International Education (IIE) inside Kyung Hee University (KHU) Seoul campus.

So, now let’s have a quick look at my dorm. I share a room with another international student from Uganda.

This is the inside of my room…

… and the common area where I can use other facilities (of course, I need to buy coin – NOT FREE)

And here’s my first cooking! Will learn to cook more…

Right now, I’m longing to have a mobile phone badly. It’s very hard to live without a mobile.
There are still many things I need to learn, to adapt and to get familiar with.

There are many other thoughts I want to share and post here. But next time please. All for now, more posts to follow… So stay tuned.

I’m back… to claim my blog – keeping it active and fit!

27 Aug

Finally, I’m back to blogosphere! Will keep up and start writing regularly on this blog!

After almost 9 months of quietness and idleness, I’d like to share my BIG (as in B, I & G combined 😀 ) good news. I’m leaving tonight to pursue my Master in Korea!!! Excited for me right??! 🙂

Ok, I share some pix of my unfinished packing for you guys to see.

Wish me luck! Hope to see you again!
Best regards,

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