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First day @work… after 2-week leave

21 Dec

After all, it came back again!
Work is too busy! Another 10 hours of today were spent in the office!!!

Welcome to the real world of working life again! It’s just the same old busy business to struggle with.
Let’s see how my first week ends up!

Good luck to all. Regards,

My Nokia E51 turns 1…

16 Dec

Today, my E51 turns 1 year old. So far, I’m very satisfied with it 🙂
Like the design, comfortable keypad for SMS, and all its practical and full functionality as well as WiFi.

I’m thinking to find another phone – tough screen – most likely iPhone. But it’s so damn expensive, even for the second-hand 2G model.
Anyway, will try to find to own one as I want to do something with it.

That’s it! Just added another item in my wish list – second-hand 2G iPhone 😀

Happy Birthday to Mimi

8 Dec

Big happy birthday to my dearest and lovely girlfriend!!!
I and another close friend of hers went to her house and we had a small celebration there! We both brought some foods in.
For me, I was obliged to buy a birthday cake. It was a lot of fun and a good late afternoon to enjoy and remember.

Happy birthday to Mimi again! All the best and may your dream comes true!!!
With lots and lots of love,

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