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Under-Review Photographer Status @Shutterstock

30 Sep

Happy to share a good news that I’m now on probation with Shutterstock
Images! Will need some time to go down and do take some good and nice shots for
my submission to Shutterstock for their review. Need a pass of 7/10 to
be able to submit my photos for sale. 🙂

Your account is currently in review mode for photo upload privileges. For full photo upload privileges, please upload 10 (and only 10) of your best photos. If 7 of 10 are not accepted we will ask that you wait one month before making another submission for review. For footage uploads, you may begin uploading immediately.

Belated post: New FrontlineSMS server in Phnom Penh \o/

28 Sep
Credit: FrontlineSMS/

Credit: FrontlineSMS/

Happy to share you guys a good news – a brand new FrontlineSMS server of a project that I get involved, is now up and running in its soft launch since last Thursday. More info and details will be released later.

You can read more on my post I wrote in FrontlineSMS Community. To learn more about this software and organization behind this powerful tool, please visit:

  1. FrontlineSMS
  2. Kiwanja

Let’s get empowered \o/ !!! Cheers,

Welcome Home, Naughtie…

26 Sep

Introducing Naughtie…
This is your lovely owner, Mimi 🙂

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